Tips on how to to debug your WordPress code

On today's episode, Aurooba manufactures a little bug in her code and then Brian helps debug what's going on. As they debug the code, they discuss the high level approach to debugging, some helpful WordPress tools to make finding problems easier, and discuss the role coding standards can have in helping you debug better.

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  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:55) - How do you debug?
  • (08:16) - Live debugging a little problem
  • (09:10) - Giving context for the bug
  • (11:13) - Using Query Monitor
  • (14:48) - Talking through the problem
  • (16:51) - Adding conditionals appropriately
  • (19:09) - Debugging a functional logic error
  • (19:44) - Let's var_dump()!
  • (25:50) - Thinking about what should happen
  • (32:37) - Providing code feedback
  • (33:54) - Being more verbose in your code
  • (34:24) - Naming variables better
  • (35:43) - Choosing the right kind of conditionals
  • (37:34) - Conclusion

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Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
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Brian Coords
Brian Coords
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Tips on how to to debug your WordPress code
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