Lessons from producing season 1 of viewSource

In this episode, Aurooba and Brian discuss the four main challenges they faced and learned from in while producing this first season of viewSource. They also dive into the side effects of producing viewSource and how it impacted other aspects of their professional lives. This all stemmed from a technical snaffu that lost them an episode they were looking forward to releasing but does segue well into the reflective period they find themselves as in as summer break approaches.

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  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (00:16) - Re-recording but with a new topic
  • (01:49) - Reflecting on this season so far
  • (03:13) - Lesson 1: it all takes longer than you'd think
  • (04:32) - Project managing the podcast
  • (06:38) - Lesson 2: A lot of tools but never one that has it all
  • (10:07) - A lot goes into creating the kind of show we wanted to create
  • (11:50) - Lesson 3: The impact of AI on podcasting
  • (14:29) - AI in the kitchen
  • (15:21) - AI in the podcasting workflow
  • (16:47) - Lesson 4: Traction is slower and faster than you'd think
  • (18:43) - The focus was never on in-the-moment things
  • (21:38) - Coders like to see the code
  • (22:01) - Connecting with other developers
  • (23:46) - The result of this podcast was more than just the podcast
  • (25:33) - Outro

Creators and Guests

Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
(she/her) Developer building bespoke #WordPress solutions, tools, and blocks. My name is pronounced "oo-ROO-ba" — Default to kindness, folks.
Brian Coords
Brian Coords
WordPress developer and writer blah blah
Lessons from producing season 1 of viewSource
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