Reflecting on WordPress: the recent updates, the near future, and other things

The Season 1 finale of viewSource is a draft style episode where we reflect on our favourite WordPress conversations over the last 20 episodes, chat about what's coming next for both WordPress, viewSource, and both Aurooba and Brian. A fairly chatty episode where we touch on topics like Brian's hatred of JSX, Aurooba's recent struggles with Webpack, and booking flights for WordCamp US 2023. Listen in for a conversations with many twists and turns, hints about a secret project, and what you can expect from Season 2.

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- Digging into ACF for the Block Editor –
- Exploring different kinds of Gutenberg Blocks –
- The episode where Brian schooled Aurooba on Bootstrap –
- Wishlist for modern WordPress –
- MRW's Events Calendar Reset –
- Just in time learning –
- Brian's website –
- Aurooba's website –
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (00:43) - Introducting the viewSource Draft
  • (02:33) - Favourite WordPress conversation of the season
  • (09:40) - Favourite side effect of doing season one
  • (13:40) - Something cool we learned in the lasts 6 months
  • (14:10) - Brian digs into React
  • (17:01) - Dealing with change in the WordPress community
  • (17:55) - Aurooba's relationship with build tools
  • (21:48) - The concept of "just in time" learning
  • (23:09) - Being a beginner at something
  • (24:59) - Looking towards Season Two
  • (26:21) - WordPress is turning a corner
  • (27:57) - When will Season Two launch?
  • (29:03) - Aurooba's next course: React in WordPress
  • (30:33) - viewSource at WordCamp US
  • (33:22) - A secret project releasing soon

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Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
(she/her) Developer building bespoke #WordPress solutions, tools, and blocks. My name is pronounced "oo-ROO-ba" — Default to kindness, folks.
Brian Coords
Brian Coords
WordPress developer and writer blah blah
Reflecting on WordPress: the recent updates, the near future, and other things
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