Digging into ACF Blocks for the WordPress Block Editor

Aurooba and Brian dig into ACF Blocks and how taking a design from mockup to built with the Block Editor requires a mindset adjustment. They also talk through the code of a real ACF Block, coding LIVE on the episode and discussing the pros and cons of ACF Blocks versus native blocks – with support from GitHub Copilot, of course. 

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  • (00:00) - Digging into ACF Blocks for the Block Editor
  • (01:18) - Our ACF origin stories
  • (03:38) - Switching to ACF Blocks from Flexible Content Rows
  • (06:32) - The pros and cons of JSON
  • (08:18) - Building blocks without a build process
  • (09:20) - The two main types of blocks
  • (12:34) - Why Aurooba never tried ACF Blocks before
  • (13:57) - The fragility of blocks in the early days
  • (15:25) - Approaching design atomically instead of as rows and columns
  • (20:06) - Building a block with ACF Blocks
  • (23:25) - Enabling Core Supports in ACF Blocks
  • (26:11) - Live Coding: Adding background color support to the block
  • (31:37) - Are ACF Blocks here to stay?

Creators and Guests

Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
(she/her) Developer building bespoke #WordPress solutions, tools, and blocks. My name is pronounced "oo-ROO-ba" — Default to kindness, folks.
Brian Coords
Brian Coords
WordPress developer and writer blah blah
Digging into ACF Blocks for the WordPress Block Editor
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