Getting started with React inside WordPress

Dig into what React is and how it works, especially inside WordPress, with Aurooba and Brian as they set up the basic environment and load up a little React component inside a WordPress post. Part one of a series of episodes where they'll transform their code into a working accordion block.

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  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (00:26) - Learn JavaScript Deeply
  • (02:59) - What is React?
  • (06:37) - Comparing React to other familiar WordPress tech
  • (08:36) - A React-ive "Hello World"
  • (10:02) - @wordpress/scripts and the scary part of React
  • (11:21) - Setting up a basic index.js in React
  • (12:12) - React and @wordpress/element
  • (14:09) - Outputting the React app with createRoot
  • (18:27) - Exporting and importing functions in React
  • (22:12) - Breaking your code up into smaller files
  • (23:39) - Concluding Part 1!
  • (24:21) - Outro

Creators and Guests

Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
(she/her) Developer building bespoke #WordPress solutions, tools, and blocks. My name is pronounced "oo-ROO-ba" — Default to kindness, folks.
Brian Coords
Brian Coords
WordPress developer and writer blah blah
Getting started with React inside WordPress
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