Building with Next.js - Part 1

Aurooba and Brian kick of a new series all about Next.js. What is Next.js and when is the right time to use it for a project? Along the way they spin up a new application and talk about the build process, file structure, and where you might host your Next application.

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  • (00:00) - S02 E06
  • (00:09) - Our Next Topic: Next.JS
  • (01:20) - What exactly is Next.JS?
  • (06:42) - What problems does Next.JS solve?
  • (13:35) - Setup and hosting for Next.js
  • (18:19) - Spinning up a project
  • (23:41) - Typescript and Typed Languages
  • (25:18) - The Directory Structure
  • (26:28) - Scripts Styles and Optimization
  • (30:17) - Next.js Default Frontend
  • (31:54) - Documentation in Next.JS
  • (35:20) - What are we building?
  • (40:02) - Why Next.js

Creators and Guests

Aurooba Ahmed
Aurooba Ahmed
(she/her) Developer building bespoke #WordPress solutions, tools, and blocks. My name is pronounced "oo-ROO-ba" — Default to kindness, folks.
Brian Coords
Brian Coords
WordPress developer and writer blah blah
Building with Next.js - Part 1
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